What DSM-V criteria support the diagnosis? Why?

What DSM-V criteria support the diagnosis? Why?

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Still Alice: Discuss the Current Diagnosis, Mental Health


Movie analysis 2-3 pages:-
Introduction- Brief overview of movie, name of patient, demographics, provides sufficient background on the topic.
History of clients illness (past & present)
Discuss the current diagnosis
Any other mental illness/mental health issues
Observations ( what have you observed in the movie, i.e. behavior, S&S, enablers, cultural considerations)
What DSM-V criteria support the diagnosis? Why?
Incorporate a treatment plan.
What is the expected outcome?
Conclusion (include your thoughts about the movie)- reviews the major points, and restates the main idea/thesis, reflection, reaction when watching the movie, how could you use this information in practice?
-Minimum three references.


Still Alice Name Institution/Affiliation Date Still Alice “Still Alice” is based on Lisa Genova`s 2007 novel and directed by Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer. The movie is about Dr. Alice Howland, who is a linguistic professor at Columbia University and discovers that she has an early-onset Alzheimer`s disease. The film indicates the adverse effects of the disease especially on how it can strip people of their ability to communicate effectively with others. As the movie begins, Alice is well, and she has everything. She is a renowned professor and happily married with thr

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