Privacy Policy

Homework Area has a fixed set of privacy policies that revolve around the welfare of the visitors and customers of our site. The following rules govern the process of confidentiality that we incorporate, so let’s delve below to review them.

The importance of cookies

The use of cookies supports the development and progression of our site, thus it upholds greater significance. According to the rules of cookies, they help us in modifying the online experience of the visitors and customers while browsing or accessing our services respectively. In this way, cookies primarily assist us in alleviating the web traffic along with identifying the visitors of our place. In addition to this, another benefit they do is that they provide us a clear-cut approach of tailoring the site as per the requirements of the customers. Hence, we would want to inform our visitors and customers that a few cookies records are shared with your system for a specified duration that is implemented by higher authorities for investigation purposes.

The principle of web browsing

When any customer land on our site, our auto-created framework linked with our site automatically identifies him and collect a section of their details that include IP address, time and date, web browser used, and certain data of the working system through which the customer approaches us. This way we also get the chance to enhance our visitor management skills fully.

Data accumulation

We collect the personal details of our customers at different points of time such as when any visitor reaches out to us to explore our services, at the time of registration, and while placing orders. We carry out this step as we aim to save some chunks of their information and provide them with necessary notifications or offers. The information that we save carries the name of the customer, credit card, e-mail id, phone number, country, etc. Particularly, we would like you to know that all the personal details are only accessed by higher authorities for confidential reasons as per the requisites of the company. Thus, the data collection process aids us in highlighting the pitfalls of our company and fixing them perfectly.

The privacy guarantee

Let us assure you that all the private information of our customers and visitors are kept confidential at all costs. It is only used by the management for important purposes that are profoundly secretive and professional. The details are saved in our reliable databases for the organization of proper records. Therefore, you should not bother about privacy since it is our utmost concern and we apply all the measures to safeguard it to the core.

Modification in the privacy policy

At Homework Area, we aim to work for your prosperity and satisfaction, thereby we provide you with a completely anonymous process of ordering and receiving your desired work. However, the company holds the right to alter or edit any aspect of the privacy policy at any time or point it requires customization. Therefore, the visitors and customers should visit the privacy policy to see for any kind of update or edit. We wish you the best online experience with us!