Serpico (1973) Movie Review Position Assignment Pa

Serpico (1973) Movie Review Position Assignment Paper

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Serpico (1973) Movie Review Position Assignment Paper


Position paper on the movie Serpico(1973) 
Position to be taken is that the character Frank Serpico did the right thing


Serpico Movie Review Name Institutional Affiliation Serpico Movie Review Serpico (1973) is a movie that reveals the true story of Frank Serpico who was the only honest cop in the New York police sector at his time. The film shows the realistic view of the corruption that was evidenced in the New York police and highlights the character of Frank as being honest and courageous. Although he started as an inexperienced cop, he later worked as an undercover officer and was determined to bust all the criminal activities especially the drug dealers and pushers. Unlike the other cops, Serpico refused to take any bribes from the wrongdoers. More so, he felt that the other officers were doing wrong by accepting bribes and wanted to expose the situation. The other officers were so corrupt that they collected more money through bribes than the salary they earned, a situation that did not please Serpico. His strong stand concerning corruption made his friends turn against him, placing his life in danger. The anti-corruption efforts of Serpico jeopardized his life at the hands of his colleagues. He was later transferred to the Narcotics Squad where he wa

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