Video Review: Barriers Hindering Women in the Work

Video Review: Barriers Hindering Women in the Workplace

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Video Review: Barriers Hindering Women in the Workplace


8 videos, and write up 1 page summary for each video
Formatting-font: Times New Roman, font size: 12, and double spaced.
highlight the key points in your summaries.Use bullet point or bold text, that will help readers find the important text easier.
Submit all 8 summaries in a single doc file one page per video.


Summary for Each Video Insert Name: Institutional Affiliation: Due Date: Introduction This paper gives a summary of the eight videos that reflect on general advice on how to achieve success, challenges facing women at home and workplace, and advice specifically to women on how to advance their careers and lead a successful life. Video 1: Sheryl Sandberg’s advice for women Sheryl Sandberg is a US author, activist, and technology executive. As of 2013 August, Sheryl was the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. In the video, Sheryl argues that although, women have achieved progress concerning gender equality, this is not seen in leadership positions. Female board positions, parliament members, and heads of states are only 13-15 percent, which has made the improvement over the previous decade. Sheryl identifies that just like men, women also should create tougher decisions between lifestyle and work, citing that with 75% of married men serving leadership positions compared to 30% of married women. Sheryl is talking about what women should do so that to remain active in the workforce and ascend toward leadership. She cites that typically men tend to overrate themselves whereas women normally underestimate their capabilities. Similarly, men tend to attribute the success they made of themselves, whereas women normally say they got success because somebody else assisted them or they obtained luck. She emphasizes that a woman cannot obtain a promotion if she ...

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