Truma and Orthoeapidcs: Spinal

Truma and Orthoeapidcs: Spinal

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A 42 years old male non-smoker construction worker presents with Recurrent episodes of Low Back pain. He initially had suffered since 3years ago with acute onset severe pain after lifting a heavy box for which his GP recommended paracetamol and an NSAID. His pain has decreased but not resolved especially last 3 weeks ago the pain regains with long period walking and carry heavy objects. His lower back pain is aching in nature and diffuse that it radiates into his buttock. His consultant has requested MRI which showed no compression and no spinal deformity. He doesn’t have any past significant medical history and his family. So, he is referred as chronic mechanical low back pain to physio management.

This patient is asking which is conservative treatment help him???

3000 words introduction 10% conclusion 10% remaining main body

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