Critically examine the framework of the energy pol

Critically examine the framework of the energy policies

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The dynamics of United Kingdom in relation with other European Union member states will significantly change over the coming years. 
This new direction is a result of the June 23rd 2016 referendum to leave the European Union. This impact will be far reaching on every 
sector of the United Kingdom. The major contributor to the economy, second only to the banking sector is the energy sector, this 
sector will be significantly impacted due to current depletion in the off shore reserve, the controversies and uncertainties surrounding 
the unconventional oil and gas industry, the slow growth in the renewable energy sector and the dependence of electricity supply from 
other EU countries. To this far reaching extent, the policy framework will have to be revisited to accommodate the wishes of the British 
people in relation to their coexistence with their closest neighbours and biggest trading bloc.
Assignment Task

“Using the SWOT analytical tool, critically analyse the impact of the recently concluded Brexit referendum on the United Kingdom’s 
energy policy framework with particular emphasis on ANY ONE of the following energy sources

o conventional/unconventional oil or gas or

o the renewable energy sources or

o electricity generation and distribution.

Total Marks for Assignment: 100

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