Business Environment - Case Study Deliveroo

Business Environment - Case Study Deliveroo

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Assignment Scenario/case study

Deliveroo is one of the fastest growing start-up companies in the world. It is revolutionising the way people eat with its innovative business model and has recently secured a financial injection of £200 million to aid further expansion. Deliveroo has been growing at a rate of approximately 400% per year and management endeavour to maintain such stratospheric growth rates.

You have just been appointed to the role of senior consultant within the area of Business Development for Deliveroo.

Senior management and their financial backers are very keen to seek a return on their investment and are very keen to further internationalise their business. Currently Deliveroo operates in twelve countries but management are keen to expand to high growth emerging markets with large, growing urban populations of a scale that should ensure a fast return on investment.

The senior business development manager has asked you to prepare a business report focusing on two cities within emerging and fast growth economies.

These two cities can be from any continent of the world but they should not be in the same single country.

You must analyse the company’s general and competitive environments and put forward a SWOT analysis for this organisation.


Assignment Tasks:

Organisational Structure. As Deliveroo expands it will require a structure that allows it to operate at the optimum level. Analyse two types of organisational structure available to Deliveroo and evaluate which of these is the most effective structure. Justify your answers with reference to management theory.

(15 marks)

General External Environment

Conduct a PEST analysis on two cities of your choice. Compare and contrast both cities analysing how these PEST factors may affect Deliveroo if they chose to enter this market. Conclude by evaluating the most attractive option, providing clear justification for your selection.

(40 marks)

Competitive Environment

After having selected the most attractive city, analyse the competitive environment within that market facing Deliveroo. Utilise the five forces of competition analysis as outlined by Michael Porter in this regard.

(20 marks)


In conclusion, conduct a SWOT analysis, outlining the key internal and external environmental factors that relate to Deliveroo.

(15 marks)

Presentation and referencing (10 marks)


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