Educational Strategy: Comparing Perspectives in Re

Educational Strategy: Comparing Perspectives in Research

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Educational Strategy: Comparing Perspectives in Research


Comparing perspectives in research
Introduction (approx. 150 words) 
The Introduction will comprise a brief outline of your proposed topic -this is my selected topic- CABG PATIENTS with a history of smoking, what educational strategy is BEST in promoting smoking cessation following discharge from the acute care setting.; this will involve a broad outline of the problem and what you hope to achieve by researching it. You are NOT required to include a concise problem statement, formal aim or research questions. 
Comparative table (not included in word limit)
You will present a comparative table using a column for the positivist paradigm and a column each for two non-positivist paradigms (eg, the interpretive and the critical paradigms). The table should have a row that compares each paradigm’s assumptions (including values and goals). A row showing comparison of the paradigms’ practical applications (e.g research designs and methods) should also be included. Please only make brief statements or phrases in your table. 
Discussion (approx. 350 words) 
In this discussion you will use your own research topic to compare the positivist paradigm and ONE non-positive paradigm. This means you will discuss the assumptions and practical applications of the two paradigms in the context of YOUR topic. After you have discussed how each paradigm applies to your topic, you are encouraged to briefly argue that one paradigm will suit research into the topic better than the other. You must also provide adequate support to justify your claim. 


Research Paradigms Name: Institution: Course: Date: Research Paradigms Smoking is a habit that affects the health of the patient in more ways than one. One of the ways that smoking affects the health of the smoker is through developing cardiovascular diseases. It is common among the smokers to develop diseases such as coronary heart disease as well as stroke. Smoking is a habit that tends to have some detrimental health effects to the body (, 2016). It is for this reason that smokers are twice more likely to get heart attacks than the rest of the population who have never smoked. Smoking tends to affect the lining of the arteries causing fatty material buildup which causes narrowing of the arteries in question (, 2016).When the arteries are narrow, the patient is more likely to develop stroke, heart attacks and in some cases angina. This is part

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