Letter to legislator to support Bill Registered Nu

Letter to legislator to support Bill Registered Nurse safe Staffing Act H.R. 2083

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Letter to legislator to support Bill Registered Nurse safe Staffing Act H.R. 2083


Part 2: Letter to Legislator • For guidelines on writing letters to legislators refer to: o http://usgovinfo.about.com/od/uscongress/a/letterscongress.htm (Links to an external site.) o http://www.aacn.org/wd/practice/content/publicpolicy/legislators.pcms?menu (Links to an external site.)= • Identify the appropriate federal legislator to receive your letter based on the chosen bill—house or senate bill? Refer to the federal legislators you identified in the "Who are your legislators" assignment section.  Senators will be contacted for a senate bill (preceded by “S”)  Representatives will be contacted for a house bill (preceded by “HR”)  You may want to review your senators’ or representative’s website to decide which bill (S or HR) to write about. If your legislator disagrees with your stand, you may decide to write a letter to change his/her thinking. • Use professional letter format and construct a one-page letter discussing the bill you selected: give a brief synopsis of the bill and whether you support or reject this legislation - then request support for your position. Be sure to include your contact information (home address, email, and phone). The body of the letter may be single spaced, with double spacing between paragraphs. o Identify yourself as a nurse in the legislator’s area of jurisdiction. o Include which professional organizations in nursing support or oppose the legislation (to support your stand). o Email the letter to your federal legislators. Print proof of your submission from your screen and submit this along with the formal copy of your letter when you submit your assignment. Upload the proof of your letter submission and the copy of your letter (in the format as shown on the recommended websites). The template for the Political Action Assignment Part 1. Complete the assignment on this template then upload it to the Canvas site. Federal Bill review worksheet.docx I am going to support bill, Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act H.R. 2083. Please, write a letter to David A. Trott, he is a state representative in U.S. Congress from 11th Congressional District. American Nursing Association is supporting this Bill. According to this bill, staffing level should be decided by each individual hospital using a committee with a majority of the members being staff nurses. You can use the next references to find argumentation. 1) American Nursing Association web site 2) The patient Protection Act of 2013 (B 20-101) by Judy Alba MA, CAPA, RN, Nursing Practice 3) Regulating patient Staffing: A complex Issue. Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, 21(1) • Safe Staffing Factsheet: The Registered Nurse Safe ... nursingworld.org/.../Federal-Issues/Safe-Staffing-Fact-Sheet.aspx Or you can find your own


LETTER TO LEGISLATOR TO SUPPORT BILL REGISTERED NURSE SAFE STAFFING ACT H.R. 2083 Student`s Name: Professor`s Name: Course Title: Date: Alaine D. Roosevelt Registered Nurse – Boston Specialized Surgery Hospital 778 Cowley Dr. Boston, MA 35478 Hon. David A. Trott 11th Congressional District Representative 457 Pine Creek Dr. B

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