Searchable Clinical Question with Annotated Biblog

Searchable Clinical Question with Annotated Biblography

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Searchable Clinical Question with Annotated Biblography


All articles must be within a 5 year time frame. Please follow the directions on the Searchable Clinical Question with Annotated Bibliography Form (which includes rubric of expectations. )Attached is the Clinical Question Form in which the information is to be added. I have also accompanied an example of the annotated bibliography. The area of focus should be anything in the mental health/ substance abuse areas.




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Searchable Clinical Question with Annotated Bibliography


Intrauterine exposure to substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and other illicit drinks remains a growing challenge in several nations, an aspect that demonstrates a steady increase in neonates that require treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome. Intrauterine exposures to alcohol, illicit drugs, and tobacco are therefore associated with neonatal co morbidities that include intrauterine growth restrictions, low birth weight, and prematurity. Co morbidities that arise from substance abuse among pregnant women irrespective of the substance used place undue burdens on the healthcare system and the society as a whole. Given this, it is essential to consider that the material substance abused during a pregnancy and the related co morbidities are viewed as broad, with several neonatal manifestations. In this case, it is vital to consider that this paper seeks to conduct an annotation on alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug screening approaches in pregnancy.

Yonkers, K. A., Gotman, N., Kershaw, T., Forray, A., Howell, H. B., & Rounsville, B. J. (2012). Screening for prenatal substance use: Development of the substance use risk profile-pregnancy scale. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 4, 827-833.

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