Pronto pizza case study

Pronto pizza case study

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Pronto pizza case study


The document "GBA 306-Case Study-Pronto Pizza.doc" contains instructions for a case study in which you will need to summarize/analyze data and present (in written form) findings from your analysis. The raw data is located in the attached "Pronto-StatsII.xls" -- THIS IS THE DATA THAT YOU SHOULD USE FOR YOUR ANALYSIS!!


 Should be written as though you were summarizing data for the Management team of Pronto Pizza. Statistical accuracy, as well as spelling, punctuation, and grammar, will be necessary components of your analysis.


 As reference, please see selected case study reports from previous classes “Examples".

 These examples are intended as useful guidelines to assist with the writing of your own case study report.

These examples,  will  help gain a better understanding of what the `end result` should encompass.

Pronto pizza case studyNameCourseInstructorDateThe entry of a national chain pizza business using the home delivery strategy to penetrate the market will increase competition. Thus, Pronto Pizza needs to craft strategies to maintain and improve its market share in the areas of operations in New York. Using the 29 minute guarantee to beat off competition from the supermarket is being considered as a viable option, but time lost after the lapse of twenty nine minutes of delivery will likely lead to revenue loss. Since the 25 minutes threshold is seen as the time through which to assess efficiency, this paper will highlight on the viability of using the delivery time guarantee. Both the t and z test&Nt...
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