SMUnit VI Case Study: Evaluating McDonalds Strateg

SMUnit VI Case Study: Evaluating McDonalds Strategy

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SMUnit VI Case Study: Evaluating McDonalds Strategy


Unit VI Case Study Follow the instructions for the Assurance of Learning Exercise 9A on page 306 of the textbook. Create a minimum two-page APA formatted paper evaluating McDonald’s strategy. Choose at least one of McDonald’s competitors and discuss its position relative to McDonald’s. Comment on McDonald’s prospects of success against this competitor. Course Textbook David, F.R. (2011). Strategic management: Concepts and cases (13th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Assurance of Learning Exercise 9A

Preparing a Strategy-Evaluation Report for McDonald`s Corp.


This exercise can give you experience locating strategy-evaluation information. Us Internet coupled with published sources of information can significantly enhance the evaluation process. Performance information on competitors, for example, can heir perspective a firm`s own performance.

EVALUATING MCDONALD’S STRATEGYName:Name of institution: McDonald is a fast food franchise based in the United States and has various food outlets in other countries like India, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Canada and Australia. McDonald has been termed as the ‘World`s Local Restaurant’ because of its affordable take-out and sit down meals. The economic recession in the US in 2010 greatly affected businesses especially fast food restaurants whereby most small restaurants had to temporarily close their businesses. However, McDonalds remained afloat amidst tough economic times in the American market because of specific strategies which will be discussed. McDonald has grown over the years despite economic meltdowns in America, Europe and Asia because of its diverse communication and marketing strategies which has built the company`s brand image for over 20years. The recent ‘Change&...
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