Assessing Information About Attachment Bibliograph

Assessing Information About Attachment Bibliography

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Assessing Information About Attachment Bibliography


this assignment is about how to assess information on the subject of Attachment. This is a two step process. 
First, you will become familiar with resources by researching the internet or libraries for sources of information on attachment and assessing these resources as offering professional or popular information.
Second, you will write up the results of your research and assessment of information in the form of an Annotated Bibliography of Resources on Attachment.
Professional information is research (empirical/observable findings) and/or theories that are published by professionally regulated print or electronic media. Individuals who provide this type of information are typically researchers or scholars who have earned credentials and/or acceptance by members of their professional group.
Popular Information: In contrast, information for popular consumption does not need to meet these standards. Often this information refers to research, but is discussed and reported in language geared for the general public
Please do not use Google engine .
Instructions for Written Assignment
1. Select: You will select one professional journal article and write this information up as an Annotated Bibliography 
2. Very Important information: The sources of information that you use in your Annotated Bibliography must be written in the same format used for writing references at the end of a paper using APA style format.
Note :
My subject area is: Early childhood education 


Assessing information about attachment


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Assessing Information about Attachment

Cortazar, A., & Herreros, F. (2010). Early Attachment Relationships and the Early Childhood Curriculum. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 192-202.

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