1.1 evaluate pitch elements

1.1 evaluate pitch elements

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Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria


1 Understand individual musical

characteristics in a performance or



1.1 evaluate pitch elements

1.2 analyse harmonic elements

1.3 evaluate nuances and differences

between timbral elements


2 Understand essential musical

ingredients that contribute to a

performance or production


2.1 analyse the sonic and musical

effectiveness of homogenous

musical combinations

2.2 explain the sonic characteristics of

disparate musical combinations

2.3 evaluate the elements in similar

and dissimilar groupings that

influence a musical performance


3 Understand sonic problems that may

have a negative effect upon music

performance or production


3.1 identify musical shortcomings

3.2 explain balance and timbre


3.3 explain extraneous problems that

detract from musical or sonic



4 Be able to accurately balance

combinations of musical and other

sonic elements in a performance or



4.1 carry out appropriate timbral and

sonic corrections and/or

adjustments to individual and

group elements

4.2 justify appropriate balance and/or

placement decisions to individual

and group sonic situations

4.3 create appropriate and musically

sympathetic effects or sonic

enhancements to individual or

group elements

4.4 create a product that

demonstrates and adheres to the

quality standards required for

high-calibre results

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