1.1 justify appropriate Health and Safety consider

1.1 justify appropriate Health and Safety considerations

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Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria


1 Understand the theory required to

operate sound systems in small



1.1 justify appropriate Health and

Safety considerations

1.2 explain relevant electrical theory

1.3 explain relevant acoustical theory


2 Understand the type of equipment,

connections and set-up procedures

for small sound systems


2.1 assess amplifiers and speakers for

live sound applications

2.2 assess mixing and sound

processing equipment for live

sound applications

2.3 evaluate microphones and DI

boxes for a range of applications

2.4 assess appropriate connections

relative to signal type and level


3 Be able to sound-check and

communicate with performers


3.1 set up stages taking Health and

Safety into account

3.2 use microphones, DI boxes and

associated cabling

3.3 apply the correct procedures for

monitor and front of house set-up

3.4 demonstrate appropriate

communication skills


4 Be able to operate live sound

systems to facilitate the performer’s

communication with the audience


4.1 create on-stage mixes taking into

consideration the performer’s


4.2 create front of house mixes

suitable for the style of music

4.3 demonstrate effective


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