1.1 Analyse the main features of information manag

1.1 Analyse the main features of information management

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Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria


1 Understand the need to manage

information and knowledge within



1.1 Analyse the main features of

information management

1.2 Explain the relationship between

data, information and knowledge

1.3 Analyse the concept of knowledge


1.4 Analyse the benefits information

and knowledge management brings

to organisations


2 Understand the role of ICT in

managing information and



2.1 Describe the types and nature of

organisational information systems

2.2 Explain how information and

communication technology (ICT)

affects organisational


2.3 Evaluate how ICT can be used to

disseminate knowledge throughout

the organisation


3 Understand the links between

knowledge management strategy

and competitive advantage


3.1 Explain the role and importance of

knowledge for organisations

3.2 Analyse the importance of

maintaining a learning culture in a

changing environment

3.3 Evaluate how knowledge

management strategies and

processes facilitate and support

organisational learning

3.4 Evaluate the relationship between

organisational learning and

competitive advantage

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