Volvos Target Audience

Volvos Target Audience

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Volvos Target Audience


please write primary Target Audience Example and secondary Target Audience Example for presentation about "Volvo" which is Car Brand.

It is group presentation and I should speech 2 minutes!

and I`m international student. please write to make me clearly and easily speech!

1) Primary Target Audience Example include Demographics:where they live, income, education,etc. It also include Psychographics: lifestyle, hobbies, vacations choices,etc.

2) Secondary Target Audience Example include Demographics: where they live, income, hobbies, vacations choices,etc.

I just undates the ppt sample guide what should I speech!

my slide is 2 section: primary Target Audience Example; secondary Target Audience Example in the PPT Sample.


Name: Professor: Course: Date: Volvo’s Target Audience Primary Target Audience Most of the primary Volvo customers come from the United States of America since Volvo has a broader market in the country standing at approximately 29% CITATION Sar13 l 1033 (Sarah). The target audience is individuals aged between 45 and 60. The age bracket is due to

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