Professional Networking Essay

Professional Networking Essay

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Professional Networking Essay


Case Assignment

Prepare a demonstration speech that would be no less than two minutes in length in which you show your audience how to do or make something.

You may wish to write on a topic of interest or well known to you. Always make an effort to select an audience-centered topic and if possible, try to personalize your content and engage your audience.

This speech must include at least one visual aid and you may use 4x6 note cards and deliver your remarks extemporaneously (not memorized).

For this speech, your success will lie in your ability to connect with your target audience and get them interested in your demonstration.

This speech must be submitted in video format (Webcam or Smart Device). Also, please make sure to stabilize your camera before recording and filter any background noise. Your speech should be a minimum of 2 minutes in length. If your speech is more than 4 minutes long or 85 MB, you will need to compress your files before uploading. Please submit an e-ticket from the TLC homepage if you have problems uploading due to file size.

MyTTLC Courses only supports the following media formats: SWF, MPG, MPEG, RM, MP3, MP4*, M4V*, M4A*, AVI, WAV, RAM, ASF, MOV, and RA.

Please stand for your speech delivery and be aware that your dress is important to speech delivery. In some cases, your attire can act as a visual aid. Inappropriate and distracting clothing (e.g., text printed on shirt, graphics, and loud colors) and accessories (e.g., sparkly and noisy jewelry) can prevent your speech from being received well or interpreted correctly, and can hinder the establishment of the speaker/audience relationship.


Professional Networking Name: Institution: Introduction Professional networks are the key to a great career of choice. Relative to the competition in the job market, the candidates are forced to come up with ideas to sell their skills. The markets could be considered to be experiencing an influx of candidates looking for that fulfilling career (Hansen, 2015). What is more is the fact that human resources managers have also realized this and are now taking their time to get the best out of the lot. So what happens to the rest of the candidates that are above average but cannot be considered to be the cream in the industry? Do they go back to school or join the thousands who

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