View Point Enron Scandal

View Point Enron Scandal

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View Point Enron Scandal

This report is concerned with the evolution of information security management systems (ISMS) and the role of academic research in its expansion and development. It, therefore, identifies, introduces and reviews thirty (30) information security management system academic researches carried out since the onset of the year 2000 to produce a comprehensive research report. Additionally, the report covers a breakdown of information security topics covered by the studies, such as, controls, risks, standardizations and technologies. The report, in addition, analyses sponsors of the studies including industry sponsored, academic, as well as military sponsored works among other supporters. In the same light contend with this statement in regards to Enron

Question Two

Enron Scandal

            The collapse of Enron, a giant company that was dealing in the energy industry is often discussed as the one of the major collapses to have occurred in the 21st century especially considering the company had been in existence for more than twent years previously.


Tell what the circumstances were,

how the scandal was discovered,

why the legislation was needed,

tell any interesting facts that will bring the story to life.

Who are the players?

Do you think the outcome fit the crime or circumstances?

Do you think the right people were brought to punishment?

Did the legislation work in to Enron?

Were you able to find red flags that might have preceded the unethical behavior?

What are the lasting implications of this situation.

Who was hurt by the unethical behavior?

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