Strategic Management for Organisational Effective

Strategic Management for Organisational Effectiveness

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Topic: Strategic Management for Organisational Effectiveness
The Abstract gives an example of a poorly constructed text, as ‘telecommunication companies’ and ‘strategic management’ are mentioned several times through each other, while it is much better (and easier to read) to group everything about ‘telecommunication companies’ together in one section and everything about ‘strategic management’ in another section.

General Description of the Area of Concern & Statement of the Problem ( 2-3 pages )
– Showing clearly the following
o Area of concern — What are the actual problems in Kuwaiti telecom industry that you want to address
Strategic management
Org Culture
Share values
Business Process.
o Problem statement
Significance and Contribution of the Study (1-2 pages)
Why these research topics are so interesting (Academic Benefit, Management Benefit)

Conceptual Model (7-8 Pages)
discussing the conceptual model — how you build this model, where the model originates from (Showing section 3.2)
– There are mention for the five factors
o strategic approach
o Organisational structure
o Organisational Culture
o the shared values
o the external environment
– from these factors will study the following bills
o Strategic choices will measured thru Interviews
o Strategic management will measured thru survey
o Leadership will measured thru survey
o Share values will measured thru survey
o Technology will measured thru survey
o Business Process. will measured thru survey
– the Hypotheses
o showing short explanation each hypotheses


Strategic Management Definitions ( 12-15 Pages)
– the definitions should covered well-known authors are missing (i.e John A. Pearce II, Mintzberg, Simon; Chandler, 1990; Kay, 1999; Lynch, 2006).
– It would be very helpful if you put in a picture (like a fishbone diagram) depicting the several aspects of strategic management you are discussing and make the for the Reviewer to see the connection between the various sections of this Chapter and to follow the flow of your reasoning
– For sections 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3, I propose you to talk about “t about the importance of strategic management for the success of a company” once, in the beginning of the Theory, with good references.
o And then in section 2.2.1 you have to zoom in on the aspect of strategic management- as a time
o And then in section 2.2.2 you have to zoom in on the aspect of strategic management- as a Guiding Plan
o discussion on the various ‘schools’ in strategic management, like the prescriptive and descriptive schools. See Mintzberg’s book Strategy Safari. This has to be added
o given evidence from the literature that strategic management is really important for the success of an organisation. Showing if there for instance research which shows that organisations that do not practice strategic management actually perform worse than organisations that do? I need to see a critical review of this, given by you

– Revisit 2.5 …. You discuss in this section how organizational effectiveness can be achieved and what organizational effectiveness is and what its aspects and definitions are, and how it can be measured.

Summary Part: should be include what have you learned which is relevant for your research and which is input into your research hypothesis? What gaps in the literature have you found in relation to your research topic?

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