The Plot Segmentation: Analysis of the General Fil

The Plot Segmentation: Analysis of the General Film

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The Plot Segmentation: Analysis of the General Film


You will write a short formal analysis and plot segmentation of The general. The analysis will look at some of the elements of the film’s form: narrative, mise-en-scène, cinematography, acting, editing, and sound. 
The Plot Segmentation is a written outline of the film’s major and minor parts, and will help with understanding the narrative’s shape and progression. 
Link of the movie:
the example format is attached. please follow. 


Analysis of the General Film Name Institution of Affiliation Date Plot segmentation Introduction The General is an American film by United Artists that is considered to be one of the greatest films ever made. This is despite the film performing poorly at the box office. The Movie was one of the high budget production of the time costing $750,000. The film was in part inspired by Andrew`s raid that resulted in Union forces destroying essential elements of the Western and Atlantic Railroad. Plot Narrative C. Credit Title 1 Train travelling into town 2 War Breaks Out 3 The South

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