The Effect of Boko Harams Insecurity on Nigeria Ec

The Effect of Boko Harams Insecurity on Nigeria Economy

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The Effect of Boko Harams Insecurity on Nigeria Economy


For the Annotated Bib, I would like you to include a RANGE of sources. You will need to have books, periodicals, web sites, archives, and academic journal sources represented in your AB. You need a total of 8 sources. The final product must be in MLA format. For each source you need to: 
1. list the source in MLA format
2. Summarize the contents of the source (5-7 sentences)
3. Assess and Reflect on the quality of the source to your topic (3-5 sentences)
This assignment will count as a paper grade (100 points), so please choose your sources wisely. You will want to be sure the entire assignment is written in your own words - I will check for plagiarism. Use your best spelling, grammar, and mechanics. It counts. 
This a sample of A student work on Annotated Bibography (use it as a sample only!)
9 September 2015
Annotated Bibliography
Brooks, Aaron. "The Court`s Missed Opportunity to Draw the Line on Partisan Gerrymandering: Lulac V. Perry." Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 30.2 (2007): n. pag. Questia. Web. 5 Sept. 2015. 
Brooks’ article published in the Harvard Journal of Law reviews what has prompted state political parties to increase efforts to draw politically advantageous electoral maps. The article analyzes majority parties that openly try to pack opposition voters into certain districts. The article also reviews multiple court cases on racial and partisan gerrymandering around the country. Secondly, the author looks at how the Supreme Court has the address this issue by reviewing the Davis v. Bandemer. The author suggests that lower district courts and the Supreme Court have failed to delineate a standard to implement legal gerrymandering by reviewing the effects of Vieth v. Jubelirer. Lastly, the article determines the constitutionality of any given plan in respect to the First Amendment, the Fourteenth Amendment, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This article can be considered a valid source in that it is published in a prestigious and well-respected law journal. The article refers to court cases and rulings that are on record in the highest court in the nation. This is a peer reviewed article, which allows professionals in the fields of law, politics, and the social sciences to review and comment on the accurateness of the information. 
Clayton, Dewey M. African Americans and the Politics of Congressional Redistricting. New York: Garland, 2000. Web. 7 Sept. 2015. 
The book states that majority black districts are vital to ensuring equal representation of African Americans in Congress. The author claims that majority African Americans districts are being dismantled by conservatives and the Supreme Court. The author evaluates critics who contend that African American politicians can win elections in majority white districts without racial gerrymandering. This book provides details about the history of racial segregation, how whites use racial bloc voting, and the absence of minority success in non- African American districts. The book is divided into two parts. The book is an acceptable source on the subject due to the background of the author and the vast amount of researchthat has gone into writing this book. The author, Dewey M. Clayton, Ph.D., is a Political Science professor at Louisville University. He has published numerous journal articles and has published a book entitled The Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama: A Critical Analysis of a Racially Transcendent Strategy.


Name: Tutor: Course: Date due: The Effect of Boko Haram’s Insecurity on Nigeria Economy An Annotated Bibliography Onuoha, Freedom C. “The Audacity of the Boko Haram: Background, Analysis and Emerging Trend.” Security Journal 25.2 (2012): 134–151. Web. In his works, Onuoha portrays that Boko Haram are a bad signal to Foreign Investors and economic experts are predicting increased reduction in the influx of foreign investors in the country in forthcoming years. Trends in the FDI flows in Nigeria indicate that the investments plummeted to $6.1 billion in 2010 from $8.65b realized in the preceding fiscal year 2009. Onuoha obtained his statistics from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), which indicates a 78 percent drop in FDI. The quick drop in Foreign Investment in Nigeria will have a detrimental effect on Nigeria economy as FDI has a direct impact on the trade and local economic growth. FDI supplements local investment increasing the countries productivity. The most worrying fact, however, is the high dependency of the Nigerian oil sector on Foreign Direct Investment and how the GDP will be affected. Loimeier, Roman. “Boko Haram: The Development of a Militant Religious Movement in Nigeria.” Afrika Spectrum 47.2 (2012): 137–155. Print.

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