What is the book/article about (summary)? Is it a

What is the book/article about (summary)? Is it a reliable source (assess)?

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Racism in Contemporary America, From Reconstruction through the Dawn of the 21st Century


The annotated bibliography will serve as your final assignment for this course. Like other final papers, you are expected to choose a topic (theme, event, institution, etc.) from the time period History 17B covers (1865 to the present). Then you are expected to locate five sources that are likely to enhance your understanding of that topic. For example, locating a book on Eugene Debs should enhance your understanding of the Progressive Era. 
At least two of you sources must be books, while the rest may be articles and periodicals. At least one of the articles must be from an academic journal, while periodicals must be from a reputable news outlet (No Wikipedia, History.net, etc.!!!)
Unlike a final paper, an annotated bibliography, while the final writing assignment for this class, is also a research tool. Whether at a library, online, or both, you find sources for a topic (books, articles, etc.), then use the annotated bibliography as a means for analyzing each source: What is the book/article about (summary)? Is it a reliable source (assess)? How does it help you to understand the topic you have chosen (reflect)?
Make sure you follow the more specific guidelines regarding MLA citation and the content of your annotated bibliography listed on the syllabus.
For you topic, you can very specific or very broad. So long as the topic fits into the chronology of the course (1865 to the present).
For example: Race/Racism (broad topic), the Civil Rights Movement (more specific), the Black Panther Party, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Ku Klux Klan (all very specific). If your topic is a biography, that would also be a very specific (Ronald Reagan, Emma Goldman, Jackie Robinson, etc.).
I encourage you to use library and online search engines to locate sources. As stated above, please keep it to books (at least two), academic articles, and periodicals (No Wikipedia, etc.!!!).


Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Annotated Bibliography Top of Form Weinberg, Meyer. Racism in Contemporary America. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 1996. Print. This is arguably the most intense, most detailed and most informative piece of literature addressing the issue of racism in the United States. In this book, the author provides a detailed, step by step breakdown and analysis of the racial situation that was in the United States and the larger America. This book is more of collection of all the experiences and encounters that encompass racism, incorporating both institutional s well as personal racism. The analysis is through numerical and textual breakdown, with the combination of text, reports and tables. To make the book even more interesting and vital, the author has included indices addressing contemporary racial issues. These indices help in studying or looking for a particular issue of interest, throughout the book without necessarily having to go through the vigorous process of searching page by page. Racism in C

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