Sources on Decriminalization of Marijuana on the F

Sources on Decriminalization of Marijuana on the Federal Level

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Sources on Decriminalization of Marijuana on the Federal Level


i need annotated bib with 10 sources for the topic
decriminalization of marijuana on the federal level 
-at least one interview with an expert in the field 
-at least one book
-at least one journal article
the sources must comprise of the following range of opinions 
3 sources that DO NOT want to legalize or decriminalize weed
4 sources that want to decriminalize weed but DO NOT want to legalize it for recreation purposes
3 sources that want to COMPLETELY Legalize all forms of weed


ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Student Name Course Code Tutor Date Washington Examiner. 2015. Don`t legalize marijuana. WashingtonExaminer. Accessed 24 Feb 2016.  HYPERLINK "" The article articulates the existence of wrangle between the federal law and the States over the issue of legalizing Marijuana use either for medicinal or recreational purposes. According to the author, the federal law still regards marijuana as a Schedule One drug, meaning that the drug up to date have not substantially proven any medicinal benefit. Accordingly, the drug continues to remain an illegal substance under the Controlled Substances Act. Gerber, Rudolph J. 2004. Legalizing marijuana: drug policy reform and prohibition politics. Westport, Conn: Praeger. The book provides a conscious narration of the federal government century-long campaign opposing the decriminalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes. The author of the book points out that several federal administrations in the U.S, for instance, under the Clinton’s, Reagan and two Bush administrations all stood firmly against all forms of marijuana use. Melberg, O., Jones M., & Bretteville-Jensen, A. 2010. Is cannabis a gateway to hard drugs? Empir Econ, 38, 583–603. Acco

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