Stem Cell Research, and Cloning Annotated Bibliogr

Stem Cell Research, and Cloning Annotated Bibliography

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Stem Cell Research, and Cloning Annotated Bibliography


6 sources, and follow the instructions below
Thus, relying largely on a single type of source, say books or the internet, doesn`t demonstrate your capabilities as a researcher. From the collected sources, select six which will later compose your “References.” Among the six, two must be scholarly (journal articles, books and/or book chapters), two must be from professional periodicals aka substantive news, and two editorials aka opinion editorials from any type of popular source (i.e., newspaper or magazine). Ideally the six sources reflect quality and diversity in voices or perspectives that will assist you later in deliberating and making informed arguments. Hence, gathering research that merely supports an existing position you have does little to enhance your understanding of a topic.
What to submit:
Format each of the six sources to accurately reflect APA 6th edition style manual. Consult “APA 6th, Composing References” pdf stored in cougar course.
APA rules to memorize: 1) Organize all sources alphabetically, 2) for each new source, left justify the first line and indent subsequent any lines, and 3) title the document “References” (but absent the quote marks). If you need a visual, consult “APA 6th, Paper Structure” pdf stored in cougar course.
For each source, provide a two-three sentences explaining 1) author`s main argument and 2) article relevance to the course topic and/or qov (consult examples below). The goal is to demonstrate your “critical thinking” skills (ch. 1) when explaining the selection of your six sources.
Ideal statement: "This article relates to the topic of gun control because it comes from Charleton Heston, a famous spokesperson for the National Rifle Association (NRA). Heston argues that the guns don`t kill people but rather the people kill people. This viewpoint is especially relevant since the other side often argues that while people do kill other people, the gun, especially assault rifles, is the tool is used to kill people."
Acceptable, yet general statement: "This article relates to the course topic because it provides an anti-gun control perspective from the NRA."
Grading criteria:
Þ Correctly formatted each source (6 in total) in APA 6th ed. One point deduction if citation is missing information; and half point deduction if format errors apparent given a full source citation (6 pts);
Þ Explanation succinctly states author`s main point and demonstrates excellent to average critical thinking skills regarding sources` relevance (6 @ 2 pts each = 12 pts).


Stem Cell Research and Cloning
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Institutional Affiliation

Fadel, H. E. (2010). Developments in Stem Cell Research and Therapeutic Cloning: Islamic Ethical Positions, A Review. Bioethics, 26 (3), 128-135. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8519.2010.01840.x
The author of the journal argues stem cell research and cloning from the religious perspective. The author also states that Islam has been positive for scientific research that is predominantly directed towards alleviating human suffering. The journal also provides information regarding the Islam religion position. Islam based their support to stem cell research and cloning on the basis of the expected potential benefits to the humanity. I believe that support from the Muslim scholars had a significant contribution in gathering support. The kind of cloning that the Muslims support is the one that would enhance the lives of

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