SLO3 and SLO4: Ideas, Theories, Principles And Met

SLO3 and SLO4: Ideas, Theories, Principles And Methods Essential For Business

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SLO3 and SLO4: Ideas, Theories, Principles And Methods Essential For Business


Complete SLO 3 and SLO4
After reading Student Learning Objective 3 [SLO3] which is:
SLO 3: apply essential ideas, principles, theories, and methods relevant to their concentration and minor disciplines.
M6 Assignment Dropbox - SLO3 review
A student should decide if they have a writing sample that shows they have successfully achieved this object.
They should use this form Module 6 - SLO3 WITH Sample to analyze the writing sample. Follow these instructions to use the form. (in attachments). Student Learning objectives (SLO) is established by the college of liberal arts and social sciences, and my major is Business and Writing and minor in Sociology. 
After reading Student Learning Objective 4 [SLO4] which is:
SLO 4: apply knowledge and skills across interdisciplinary boundaries.
Use THIS FORM if you do not HAVE a writing sample (in attachments)




Institution of Affiliation



SLO3 part 1

The writing sample is connected to the affirmed program outcomes since it gives learners an opportunity to demonstrate in their words; methods, theories, principles, and ideas learned. Additionally, the student is given a chance to show how these pieces can be applied in real life situations and their significances. Henceforth, as a major in business and writing and a minor in sociology, I have the ability to implement ideas, principles, theories and methods in any professional writing sample. For instance, one of the most important things to do for a business writing sample is to come up with a viable business topic and give reliable evidence from different sources supporting it. A good topic should be brief and clear to point on the intention for the study. The study sample is titled “The role of farming experience on the adoption of agricultural technologies.” Using different sources, the study throws emphases on the impact of technology in agriculture. One of interesting aspect brought out in the sample is the benefits gained by farmers in adopting new farming techniques in agribusiness. Grounded on different sources the article asserts that technology is a key factor in ensuring high agricultural produce. Additionally, the implementation of technology plays a vital role in coping with the inconsistent rainfall...

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