Human Factors in Systems Design Coursework Assignm

Human Factors in Systems Design Coursework Assignment

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Human Factors in Systems Design Coursework Assignment


You have recently gained employment with a computer consultancy company. Due to your specialist knowledge in the areas of Human Factors and usability, your manager considers that you are ideal to undertake an evaluation of a potential client�s web site and to provide a set of recommendations on how to enhance the usability of the site and make it more attractive, efficient, effective and profitable. 
Before commissioning the project the client needs to be persuaded that he should agree to the project as the cost of using your consultancy services has to be considered. (Your company would be charging you out at a daily rate of £650/day.) Your first task is to provide a justification to the client for the costs that would be incurred. Clearly you need to undertake a cost/benefit analysis that will demonstrate to the client that there will be significant benefits and that these will outweigh the costs. This will be approximately 2 sides of A4. The way in which you present the justification is entirely up to you, but it does need to be persuasive!! (NB you are not doing a sales pitch about you or your company � you are presenting a justification for why the project needs doing and showing the financial benefits.)



By Your Name

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City and State of the University location

February 21, 2017

In this project, the Total Operations Expense would amount to £50.90/hour or £12216/month for the whole 30 days of operations. The breakdown of the expenses is implicated here on:

Operations Expense:

Personnel cost per hour: £38.40/hour

Project Supervisor x 1: £13.00/hour

Programmer x 2:

Chief programmer x 1: £11.00/hour

Associate p

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