Psychology Questions Coursework: Nature vs. Nurtur

Psychology Questions Coursework: Nature vs. Nurture

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Psychology Questions Coursework: Nature vs. Nurture


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Psychology Questions

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Psychology Questions

1 Nature vs. Nurture

It is an indisputable fact that both the environment (nature) and the manner in which we are brought up, beliefs and practices (nurture) contribute to the development of an individual`s personality (Moore, 2013). What is in contention though is which of the two plays a greater role in shaping a person. Some scientists argue that people act the way they do because of the kind of environment they have been exposed to while others argue that people behave in the manner that they do because that is what they have been taught in the family and societal level.

Looking at the studies that have been conducted over the years, it would be erroneous to conclude that a particular trait in a person is entirely because of nature or nurture. For instance looking at the IQ debate there is substantial evidence that the manner in which a child is brought up may determine their IQ. However genes also contribute to a person`s IQ to a large extent.

While many people claim to have acquired physical features from their parents through inheritance, this argument does not account for talents like a great voice and the personality that people have (Rosenberg, 2013). Although it is quite agreeable that pretty much of what we are as individuals may have been inherited from our parents (nurtu...

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