Read Poems And Answer The Questions Assignment

Read Poems And Answer The Questions Assignment

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Read Poems And Answer The Questions Assignment


I`ll upload the poems and questions.







Two Poems on Death (Assignment)

Name __________________________________________________________ Section _______

“Death Be Not Proud”


“A figure of speech in which someone, something, or some abstract quality (like Death) or nonexistent person is directly addressed.”

Please respond to each of the prompts regarding “Death Be Not Proud” about why Death should not be proud:

1)“From rest and sleep, which but their pictures be,

Much pleasure . . .”

The author tries drawing a similarity between death itself, and two aspects of pleasure: rest and sleep. He indirectly purports that death is also a source of pleasure. He even goes as far as suggesting that it gives more pleasure than sleep and rest.

2) “And soonest our best men with thee do go . . .”

He believes that the good people in the society are usually taken away by death, and that death is usually the ultimate price for the great individuals such as soldiers, since they give up their lives for the sake of their nations and kingdoms.

3) “Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men . . .”

He simply tries arguing out that death has no say in the lives of people or when people will die. He instead bla...

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