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In the United States approximately 67% of power production is from fossil fuels, 39% being from coal.

Fuel and utilities purchased by the Utilities Department annually totals

68,000 tons of Indiana coal, 3.4M therms of natural gas with transportation, 229M kW hours of 12.5 kV power, and (771M gallons of water and sewage)*not used for calculations*,

  1. In one year how many KWh of electricity could be generated with the amount of coal IU purchases? (1 short ton (2,000lbs) of standard coal = 19.34 million BTU of energy and Coal = 10,498 Btu/kWh)?
  1. In one year how much electricity could be generated with the amount of natural gas IU purchases?
  1. How much total electricity does IU use if we included the possible electrical generation from purchased sources as well as coal and natural gas possible generation?
  1. Explain why we would need to consider different efficiencies of power production from different sources of power generation.
  1. What are some negative impacts of using coal? (Be specific)
  1. How much land would be necessary to produce the same amount of energy IU uses from wind turbines (land use requirement 1,335 m2/Gigawatt-Hour)? Answer in acres of land and number of football fields. (Use the answer from number 3 for this calculation)
  1. What are some positive and negative attributes of the use of wind turbines to generate electricity? (Be specific)
  2. Part 1. Is it feasible to produce energy with wind turbines in Indiana? Use this link to look at the wind map- http://apps2.eere.energy.gov/wind/windexchange/windmaps/residential_scale.asp

       Part 2. Is it advisable for IU to consider wind power production as a long-term goal to meet energy demands? Please elaborate on your response, not just yes or no.

  1. How many 1-m2 solar panels would be necessary to obtain the same amount of energy that IU purchases annually? (assume an average of 4.5 kWh/m2/day) (Use the answer from number 3 for this calculation)
  1. Is it feasible for IU to consider the use of photovoltaic cells for long term energy use?
  1. Are there other types of alternative energy that IU could consider in diversifying there energy use?

                (This is a short answer question you will need to do some research to answer)

  1. How many metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents would be produced by using as much electricity as IU purchases? Additionally, Provide 2 examples of the proportion using this website for the question. http://www2.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator (Links to an external site.) (Use the answer from number 3 for this calculation)

If you use any other resources besides the websites provided you need to provide a citation with the assignment

Useful Information:

Fuel heat contents

Coal = 19,340,000 Btu per Short Ton. Note: heat contents of coal vary widely by types of coal

Natural Gas = 1,023,000 Btu per 1,000 Cubic Feet (Mcf) or One therm =100,000 Btu

Petroleum Fuel Oil = 5,861,814 Btu per Barrel (42 gallons) Note: Heat contents vary by type

Average Heat rate in 2012 for specific fuel sources: Coal = 10,498 Btu/kWh, Natural Gas = 8,039 Btu/kWh, Petroleum = 10,991 Btu/kWh

Nuclear = 10479 Btu/kWh


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