PICOT Assignment: Hospitalization and Pneumonia Pr

PICOT Assignment: Hospitalization and Pneumonia Prevalence

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PICOT Assignment: Hospitalization and Pneumonia Prevalence


I am going to attach a PICOT template that I need filled out. The subject should be about older patients receiving the flu vaccine to prevent pneumonia. Please fill out the template that I am attaching. No sources over 5 years of age can be used. Please utilize evidence based or peer reviewed articles/journals only. Disregard the assignment listed after that chart. I will worry about that later. Absolutely no plagerism.


DOCUMENTING EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE ASPECTS Question to Considered within the Evidence-based Practice process: P (Population of Interest): _Older patients__________________________________________________ I (Intervention of Interest): _Influenza vaccine__________________________________________________ C (Comparison of Interest): ___No influenza vaccine_______________________________________________ O (Outcome of Interest): _Risk of pneumonia___________________________________________________ T (Time): ___Flu season_____________________________________________________________ Articles (level of evidence/evaluation of strength of the evidence)Who Involved (sample size, sampling method, population)What Occurred (qualitative, quantitative)Where Completed (type of agency, state, country)When(year research done)Why (research question)How (data collection, tool used with validity and reliability, statistical tests, qualit

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