1 Identified leadership development need

1 Identified leadership development need

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An Appraisal Report of the Leadership Styles Within your Workplace in Transactional Leaderships


Topic: Provide an appraisal report of the leadership styles within your workplace in relation to one of the theories covered within the unit - Length: 3000 words Reference must be APA Format
Appraise your own workplace leadership in relation to one theories covered within the unit TRANSACTIONAL THEORY of leadership in Nursing
Evaluate your knowledge and experience in relation to one diversity group from Topic 5 FOCUS on the diversity efforts in Saudi Arabia, unusually, is including their own nationals in the workplace, diversity also refers to the other ways in which people are different, such as educational level, life experience ,Multicultural Workforce In Saudi Arabian Hospitals Comprising Mainly Of Expatriates, Irish, English, Australian, American, FILIPINO & INDIAN, Work experience, socio-economic background, personality and marital status. workplace diversity involves recognising the value of individual differences and managing them in the workplace’.
Develop a two year personal leadership development plan based on this appraisal of your leadership and your knowledge and experience of one diversity group and other activities and tasks in the unit
Your plan should be evidence-based – that is – drawing on evidence about your own leadership and areas that you and/or others think need further development
It must also include specific developmental activities in relation to your knowledge and skills in dealing with one diversity group identified - Saudi Arabia including their own nationals in the work force especially FEMALES. ***Gender is considered an aspect of diversity because even though women make up half the population or more, they are under-represented in leadership positions.
The justification for the areas that you select to work on for your personal development plan must come from evidence performance feedback available or gathered from your supervisor, colleagues, staff or clients, self-reflection and exercises completed in the text or the course materials, follower input, or development training feedback, self-reflection.. 
Your analysis must be backed up with references. analysis must show close links between ‘theory’ and ‘practice’. That is between the literature, identified development needs as per table. 
The development plan should be in a table format with at least the following columns (see below). 
I want to include these specific actions. The development actions in the plan should logically flow from evidence and activities in the report
These are the five columns:
1 Identified leadership development need 
2 Strategy for addressing identified need 
3 Specific Action 
4 Completion Date 
5 Review and Evaluation Method
Please include at least the following identified leadership development need:
Creating a customer focused organization
Conflict Management Negotiations
Guiding transformational change
Improve work processes /Develop systems thinking
Setting Expectations
The assignment should be submitted in a report format. The report should form an integrated whole that synthesizes your response to each of the different parts of the assignmentand must be presented in standard report format with the following sections:
Letter of Transmittal 
This is a formality. Such a letter usually accompanies a report, addressed to the commissioning body. It basically says ‘here is the report about ++++’.
Cover/title page 
Table of Contents 
Executive summary 
Make sure this gives all the key points for each of the four parts - facts/findings/conclusions – a busy executive should be able to read this and know everything that is important without reading the whole report
Introduction and background
Body With heading
Recommendations- i.e. the development plan
References APA Format
Bibliography i.e. references read in preparing the report, but not cited in the report


Transmittal letter I submit herewith a report examining the transactional leadership style at the work place. The report further evaluates the multicultural elements of the health care system in Saudi Arabia and establishes a development plan to help with incorporating women in the health care sector. The reports further establishes ways to refine the health care system in Saudi Arabia to reduce cultural conflict associated with expatriates and their patient. Regards, Name: Leadership Name: Institution: Course: Date: Executive Summary The nursing field is one of the most complex professions relative to the fact that nurses have to practice utmost efficiency in their field as part of the duties and ethical requirements. More often than not the nurses are going to be faced with a dynamic health situation, which relates to the diseases, medication, policies, patient’s preferences, cultural differences, religious differences and organizational polices among others. Every other situation is unique and nurses have to have the right skills and in the right environment to conduct their duties optimally. Leadership pays a major role in guiding the field through the dynamic challenges faced in the field. Transactional leadership style is one of the two main styles established in the leadership realm of organizations. It is style that is largely associated with reward and punishment as their pivotal points. Leaders using this style are largely conce...

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