Perceived Racism and Mental Health

Perceived Racism and Mental Health

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Perceived Racism and Mental Health


Guidelines for Writing Critiques and the Article is attached. Thank you.

Journal Critique:

            You are to critique a journal article of your choice from a recent issue of Journal of Counseling Psychology, which is not more than three years old. When writing your critique, please include the following features: author’s major thesis, relevance of author’s views to counseling; author’s point of view; relation of author’s position to that of other authors you have read; re-examination of your previously-held ideas, values, beliefs.; other research presented by the author in order to update his information; sample size and description, variables, methodology, conclusion and findings and implications drawn by the author. A minimum of one and one half page is required.


The paper should be a page and half long

Double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 Font

Your bibliographic reference must be according to APA Manual guidelines.

Perceived Racism and Mental Health among Black American Adults: A Meta-Analytic ReviewFrom the research, Perceived Racism and Mental Health Among Black American Adults: A Meta-Analytic Review, it is mildly conclusive that racism in all its aspects, affects mental and physical health and not just in the black American population, but also in the Asian and Australian population though to what extent was not been established.There are a number of variables key to establishing ways sourced and it is quite commendable that the research takes into acc...
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