PAM006 Strategic Financial Project (SFP)

PAM006 Strategic Financial Project (SFP)

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MSc in Professional Accountancy (MPAcc)

Module: PAM006 Strategic Financial Project (SFP)

Section 1

Your Individual Case Study/Workplace business plan report

To complete this assignment you are required to produce a business plan report suitable for consideration by the management team of the case study company/your workplace in the context of the strategic challenges facing the company. This case study will either be the case provided by the module team or a case related to your workplace context. Your report should be between 4,000 words and a maximum of 4,500 words. Penalties apply for exceeding the word count. No formal penalties apply for using fewer than 4,000 words but in so doing you may be penalizing yourself as it is likely to be challenging to respond to the requirement in less than 4,000 words. When combined with Section 2 the total word count should not exceed 6,000 words. State an accurate word count at the end of this Section or on the title page. Failure to do so will result in a 5 mark penalty.

In producing your business plan/consultancy report you should:

a) Identify, explore and evaluate alternative strategies for developing the business.

b) In undertaking a) above, research the relevant ‘real world’ industry, market and business environment the company is situated in. You should use a combination of relevant real-world primary and/or secondary research to provide the basis upon which your strategic choices are made.

c) Arising out of a) and b) above, set out a compelling five-year business plan report designed to enhance shareholder value. You may use your own definition of shareholder value but must explain and justify it. The plan may identify a range of strategies for consideration but should ultimately put forward your recommendation with evidenced justification.

d) Identify specific KPIs to assist in measuring to what degree shareholder value is being enhanced.

e) Review your proposed plan, and identify and assess the key risks within it.

Section 2

Your Individual Reflective piece

This relates to one main area: the Icarus activity. The total word count for Section 2 is 1,000 – 1,500 words maximum. Penalties apply for exceeding the word count. No formal penalties apply for using fewer than 1,000 words but in so doing you may be penalizing yourself as it is likely to be challenging to respond to the requirement in less than 1,000 words. When combined with Section 1 the total word count for both Sectionsshould not exceed 6,000 words.

Reflection is important within educational experiences. A reflective statement is a statement that captures thoughts about, perceptions of, a past experience, such as that you have experienced in your study of this module. They help us to understand past events and associated experiences and to learn lessons. Having written a reflective statement, it is then possible to analyse it and draw lessons about future decisions, behaviour and actions. Such a statement can focus on the consequences of the educational experience for work-related decisions, behaviour and actions, not least in the arena of confirming or amending professional work practices.

With this in mind, look back over your Icarus rationale and minutes of meetings submissions and any other correspondence you held with your team mates over the Icarus period (between weeks 12 to 18). If you have been keeping an ‘off-line’ diary during the activity as suggested, you should also refer to this as it will certainly help you identify the experience ‘raw’ at the time in preparation for analyses.

Take time to think about what you have learnt from the various interactions, research tasks, performance analyses, and teamwork etc. that took place during each of the five rounds of play. You should have already captured some of this during the activity. Now, you should be seeking to articulate your experience, feelings and evaluation of the activity in terms of any personal and professional impact upon you. Note that if you did not participate in Icarus, then you will be unable to reflect! 

Required: 1.

Using Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle (see Appendix A of this document) or an appropriate alternative reflection framework, provide a reflective account of your Icarus activity.

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