Operations Management: Azizia Panda United

Operations Management: Azizia Panda United

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Operations Management: Azizia Panda United


files will be uploaded **important** I need the outline in 2 days (one page or so). There are 3 files so check them out. * I will be working alone so don`t worry about the team members. * the company is out of the US, so you can just but any data if there is something missing or unclear in the website or you couldn`t find a lot of information. Thanks


•Session objectives.
•   SCM concept.
•   Supply Chain Organization Structure. 
•   Training Plan & Schedule.
•   Evaluation Process.



•Understand the Supply Chain Management (SCM) concept.
•Understand the importance of managing the demand efficiently.
•Aware of the training plan for the induction
•Understand the evaluation process.
•  Competences
•   Projects
•   Achievements
•  Daily Tasks 



Operations Management: Azizia Panda United Name Institution Operations Management: Azizia Panda United Introduction An Outlook of Azizia Panda United Established in 1978, Azizia Panda United (APU) has developed to become one of the most successful organizations in the retail sector in Saudi Arabia. Initially, the company operated under the name, Panda. In 1994, it merged with Azizia to form Azizia Panda United. The company continuous development in the region attracted several investors who wanted to share in the success of the company. This led the company to be acquired by Savola Group of Companies, in 1998. Savola Group is a leading retail company in Saudi Arabia, specializing in food products. Through the acquisition, APU further developed, expanding its market base by managing to secure the biggest market share in the region’s retail sector. The tremendous expansion of the company was further facilitated by Savola Group purchasing the leading supermarkets in the region, which provided considerable market for the company’s products. The APU has continuously grown in terms of market share, capital investment, and profitability. For instance, in 2009, the company demonstrated its success by acquiring Geant Stores, which is a chain of leading retail stores in Saudi Arabia. The move managed to raise APA’s share in the retail sector from 7% to 8%. The acquisition increased the company’s customers, promoting profitability. In 2010 alone, ...

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