Claims Policy: Andresen Seafoods

Claims Policy: Andresen Seafoods

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Claims Policy: Andresen Seafoods


Unit II Assignment

Content of Claims Policy

Put yourself in the role of a vice president of an organization. Research the policies within organizations about content of

claims. Using your research and the textbook information, create a policy for a company that is going to advertise a new

product, appear on a talk radio show, and appear on morning-news programs to promote a new product.

Include at least the following within the policy:

 Purpose statement—Clearly identify and state the purpose of your content of claims policy

 Identify the product

 Clearly describe the details of the product

 What should a representative of the company say? (i.e., what does the product offer?)

 What should a representative of the company avoid saying? (i.e., what does the product NOT claim to offer?)

Optional: Consider including examples, charts, tables, or graphs to help communicate the claims.

Review the information in Moore and Parker (2012). Research credible research sources based on the items in Moore

and Parker. Then, put yourself back into the role of a vice president, and identify 10 requirements to determine credibility

of sources.

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you, as a leader of an organization, to practice writing a policy with explicit

details and expectations. When your staff receives this policy, they should know exactly how to perform within its


Use your own words, and prepare your assignment in a word-processing application (i.e., Word). Select or create a format

for this assignment—be sure it is legible and professional. If you prefer to spend more time on the content than the layout

and format for this assignment, consider using templates, which are available online.

Course Textbook

Moore, B. N., & Parker, R. (2012). Critical thinking (10th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.


Claims Policy Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Claims Policy: Andresen Seafoods Purpose statement: Andresen Seafoods has developed this Claims Policy to provide customers with a comprehensive description of the product. The details provided below will enable customers to understand the facts regarding the product with regard to its source, quality and its nutritional content. An explicit and unambiguous description of what the product claims to offer and what it does not claim to offer is provided. Smoked Wild Salmon: The product is smoked wild-caught salmon from Alaska derived from colder, cleaner water than farm-raised salmon. Although there are various sorts of wild Alaskan salmon,

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