• Identify characteristics of the person(s) requ

• Identify characteristics of the person(s) required and inform potential applicants

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Outcomes Assessment criteria for pass
To achieve each outcome a learner must demonstrate
the ability to:

1 Explore recruitment,
selection and retention

• identify characteristics of the person(s) required and
inform potential applicants
• suggest suitable methods for selection
• contribute to the selection process
• apply legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to
the selection process

2 Understand how to build
winning teams

• identify the mix of knowledge, skills and experience
necessary for a team to fulfil its functions
• analyse dynamics within teams and stimulate and
promote a team spirit which helps motivate and
provides support to its members
• clarify expectations of relationships
• encourage team members to develop roles during
team assignments
• empower teams to develop their own ways of
working independently and to rely on their own
capabilities within pre-set boundaries

3 Evaluate the styles and impact
of leadership

• evaluate theories and styles of leadership
• effectively communicate visions, goals and values to
colleagues and promote understanding of how
delegated objectives support these
• enthuse and motivate colleagues to achieve
• promote confidence among colleagues to engage
with change
• empower colleagues to present their own ideas,
develop their own ways of working within agreed
boundaries and to provide a lead in their own areas
of expertise
4 Analyse the work and
development needs of
individuals considering
performance monitoring
and assessment

• plan or analyse work activities using appropriate
objective-setting techniques and processes
• negotiate assignments with colleagues using suitable
delegation techniques to motivate and enable
• review development needs and activities and
evaluate the effectiveness of activities
• use suitable methods, with clearly defined and
relevant criteria and objectives, to assess the
performance of colleagues
• identify factors affecting the quality of performance
and use these to provide clear and constructive
feedback on performance to colleagues
• incorporate results of assessments into personal
development plans and other organisational
procedures for dealing with performance issues
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