how else to explain the cats who turn up at our do

how else to explain the cats who turn up at our door through the year, hungry and flea-ridden and abandoned?

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The Price by Neil Gaiman: A Review


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The Price by Neil Gaimam (1998)

Tramps and vagabonds have marks they make on gateposts and trees and doors, letting others of their kind know a little about the people who live at the houses and farms they pass on their travels. I think cats must leave similar signs; how else to explain the cats who turn up at our door through the year, hungry and flea-ridden and abandoned?

We take them in. We get rid of the fleas and the ticks, feed them and take them to the vet. We pay for them to get their shots, and, indignity upon indignity, we have them neutered or spayed.

And they stay with us, for a few months, or for a year, or for ever.

Most of them arrive in summer. We live in the country, just the right distance out of town for the city-dwellers to abandon their cats near us.

We never seem to have more than eight cats, rarely have less than three. The cat population of my house is currently as follows: Hermione and Pod, tabby and black respectively, the mad sisters who live in my attic office, and do not mingle; Princess, the blue-eyed long-haired white cat, who lived wild in the woods for years before she gave up her wild ways for soft sofas and beds; and, last but largest, Furball, Princess`s cushion-like calico long-haired daughter, orange and black and white, whom I discovered as a tiny kitten in our garage one day, strangled and almost dead, her head poked through an old badminton net, and who surprised us all by not dying but instead growing up to be the best-natured cat I have ever encountered....

Name:Professor:Class:Date of submission:The Price by Neil Gaiman: A ReviewThe Price by Neil Gaiman is a narrative that focuses on Gaiman’s life and interactions with cats in his farm. Gaiman is clearly a pet lover and mentions numerous cats living in his home, but the arrival of a black cat seems to change his observations and feeling about the surroundings. This is probably a true story, but he also suggests that there presence of a Devil. Thus, it is probable that the story also has fictional elements as he does not adequately address how the Devil looks like. It is most likely that the story occurred in the English countryside, given that Gaiman comes from England. The mention of other farmers shows that it is a farming community, but it is not far away from town. Towards the end of the story, the narrator shows his selfish streak by wondering why he needed the cat even after seeing it struggle and fight with the “Devil”. The beginning of the stor...
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