Is Don Quixote (a.k.a. Alonso Quijana) a typical

Is Don Quixote (a.k.a. Alonso Quijana) a typical kind of hero found in a novel?

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DOX QUIXOTE by Cervantes


Some questions to help with this week`s discussion postings on Don Quixote: 1. Is Don Quixote (a.k.a. Alonso Quijana) a typical kind of hero found in a novel? Why or why not? 2. What "heroic" traits (if any) does Don Quixote obviously posses? What weaknesses does he also obviously possess? 3. Are his strengths and weaknesses ever one and the same. 4. Many critics say that this novel is all about the dichotomy (split) between illusion and reality, even that Don Quixote, the dreamer, represents the "illusion" side of the coin, while practical-minded Sancho Panza, Don Quixote`s squire, represents the "reality" side. 5. In the scene in which Don Quixote comes upon some windmills and is convinced these are monstrous giants and the work of the tricky, evil magician Freston (while Sancho tries in vain to convince him they are just windmills) how do "illusion" and "reality" clash? 6. Don Quixote`s niece and housekeeper want him to come home and rest. But after resting, Don Quixote always wants to go back out and continue being a knight errant. But when he is most severely injured, he comes home to die. Shortly before dying, he regains his sanity and realizes he is Alonzo Quijana, not Don Quixote; that Sancho is a poor farmer, jnot a country squire, and Aldonza Lorenzo a common prostitute, not his idealized image of female beauty and therefore knightly inspiration. Why does that make everyone at home (surprisingly) sad? 7. What do you think Cervantes is saying, overall, about illusion and reality within this story? i want to receive this essay till tomorrow Thank you

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