How easy was it for you to identify the emotions?

How easy was it for you to identify the emotions?

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Research on Emotions: Thinking, Feeling, and Acting


1. Complete the three-day survey by putting your event and emotion information into the provided tables. You should note five different experience for each of the three days(total of 15 entries). Be sure to include enough information so that you will be to draw conclusions and support them with specific examples. 2.Using the data on your entry sheets and concepts , analyse the role of emotions in your life during this three-day period (and in general). How easy was it for you to identify the emotions? which methods did you use for the purpose of identification: a. physical reactions b. nonverbal manifestations? c.cognitive interpretations? 3. Analyze the types of emotions you experienced. How wide3 a range of emotions? Are they mainly primary, or mixed? Are most of them facilitative, or debilitative? Illustrative by giving specific example. 4. Do you think this three-day period provides a "typical" sample of your emotions? Explain. 5. How comfortable are you with your emotions? 6. How freely do you express your emotions, verbally or nonverbally? with whom do you express yourself most freely? least freely? why? 7.What relationships did you notice between activasting events and emotions? 8. What evidence did you find that you subscribe to any of the fallacies given in your text? Give two examples of incidents when you did subscribe to a fallacy. (you may use incidents from times other than this three-day record if you wish). 9. were you aware of the "voice" that we call self-talk? Are you able to "talk back" to the3 fallacies that surface? How useful don you think this tactic can be? 10. Experiment with changing some of theemotions "labels" with others; for example, exchange "nervous" with "resentful" with confused." ZDoes this change the tone of the event for you? Could this technique be helpful in stressful situations?


Emotions: Thinking, Feeling, and Acting Name Institution Date Emotions are closely intertwined with one`s life, experiences and personality, and are crucial for the intrapersonal, interpersonal, cultural and social aspects of lifes (Coon & Mitterer, 2014). Identifying emotions was straight forward, as physical reactions to situations and objects as well as cognitive interpretations and also nonverbal manifestations. The non verbal reactions were mostly posture and facial expressions. I felt joy and relief having on the first day of the survey having met my weight

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