Social Psychology: Three Factors that Influence Pe

Social Psychology: Three Factors that Influence Persuasion

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Social Psychology: Three Factors that Influence Persuasion


Below is the Prompt from my Social Psychology Instructor. I also included an attachment with the Chapter 7 lecture notes my instructor provided to help complete this assignment.
Prompt: Election day is around the corner! (even if it has passed by the time you do the assignment, think back to how you felt before the results came in)
Using three factors that influence persuasion (motivation, ability, personal relevance, attractiveness of the communicator, credibility of the communicator, strong points, fear or other emotions, age of the audience, etc.), explain the degree to which you are persuaded to support a political candidate and/or get involved in the 2016 election? Then after you identify your three factors make sure to bold the three factors in Times New Roman font as you weave them into your response.
Assignment is due by November 16, 2016.
Notes from me the student to the writer:
You are more than welcome to use your personal views in this assignment. I`m a little confused on how to do it. Any who, I think the lecture notes in the attachment that I included should be enough help for this assignment but just in case it isn`t this is the book that we are using in this Social Psychology class. 
It`s called:
Social Psychology (1st Edition) by Catherine A. Sanderson 
and the ISBN number is ISBN-13: 978-0471250265.
Chapter 7 on the book is from page 216 to page 247.
Thank you.


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