How did they address their constituents?

How did they address their constituents?

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Anti Death Penalty


Role-play as a potential presidential candidate and present a plan to address an interest group (your choosing). Use the internet to search what past presidential candidates have said to their constituents. You may want to research past elections. Use the internet to search President Obama and follow what he said as well. As you do so, observe which groups are targeted? Consider questions such as: How did they address their constituents? What were the counter-arguments to their platforms? What tactics were used to address counter-arguments to their platforms? Using the information learned from #2 above, identify the interest group that you wish to address. Write a speech to address your group and include counter-arguments to those who are (or might oppose you). Don’t forget you want to be the one selected by this particular interest group to run for president so you need to understand both sides, present them, and make your argument for why your position is best. In other words, in your argument, explain the policies you plan to implement should you be elected, why they are important, and why counter-arguments are not aligned with the ideologies that you stand for. Speech dos not to be a whole page.

SPEECHName:Institution:Evening to you my brothers and sisters from Queens, it is a great honour to be amongst you. I would want to take this chance to offer my sincere gratitude to you. Every time I come to visit, you have always welcomed me with open arms. There is no better feeling than that of appreciation and acceptance, both of which I have had in plenty since my youth in this community. Wherever I go, there is no place that feels more homely than Queens, because you are my family.In the same breath, I have come to you with the proposal to expand our relationship and work with you as your president. I have grown...
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