What are the characteristics of a responsible citi

What are the characteristics of a responsible citizen speaker?

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The responsible Citizen Speaker

Please use this to write the paper: Civic engagement involves communicating with others, so it is important that citizens in a democracy learn how to communicate both effectively and ethically. What are the characteristics of a responsible citizen speaker? Who exemplifies these characteristics of a good citizen, civic leader, a lover of wisdom & truth, a sincere advocate of worthy causes (past and present)? Why? What evidence or examples can you provide? Who exemplifies characteristics of demagoguery (past and present) and what ways are/were emotional appeals used?
The responsible Citizen Speaker[Name][Institution][Date]The Responsible Citizen SpeakerAcross different countries and cultures, several universal attributes of outstanding leadership as well as negative leadership can be identified. Outstanding leadership is mostly characterized by integrity, and other attributes like being just, trustworthy, and honest. Outstanding leaders are normally described as visionary, charismatic, and inspirational. They also possess attributes such as motivational, confidence building, encouraging, and positive minded (Tulis & Macedo, 2010). This paper discusses the characteristic of a responsible citizen speaker, who exemplifies such characteristics, and who exemplifies characteristics of demagoguery.A responsible citizen speaker should imbibe many qualities. He/she has duties and responsibilities to take care of on behalf of his country, while at the same time enjoying various privileges and rights as a citizen in a free state. Although he/she has the right to participate in the judicial, legal politics, religious and social affairs, he/she has some roles to take note of such as not to injure the sentiments of the fellow citizens and protect the weak against the strong. In other words, a responsible citizen spea...
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