How did the real Los Angeles Rampart Scandal effec

How did the real Los Angeles Rampart Scandal effect the LA County.

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Position Assignment Paper on the Movie Training Day (2001)


Position Paper on the movie Training Day(2001). 
Questions to Answer: What are the consequences to a community when real life police officers act like the character Alonzo? 
How did the real Los Angeles Rampart Scandal effect the LA County.


Training Day Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Introduction and Summary Training Day is production that was released in 2001 starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawk. Denzel Washington plays the role Alonzo Harris of a Los Angeles cop who will use any means including those considered unorthodox to clear the streets of Los Angeles off drugs. Ethan Hawk plays Jake Hoyt, a rookie who undergoes training and is supervised by a seemingly rogue officer. The set up of this movie depicts Los Angeles as a city gone rogue with drug dealers ruling the streets. The drug cartel networks are well connected and it will take dedication and courage for police officers to dismantle the network. Detective Harris has attempted to play by the rules but it is becoming increasingly difficult to accomplish the set mission. He therefore resolves to use other means that are seen as unethical, sometimes even breaking the very laws that he ought to protect and uphold. This paper is an analysis of the movie Training Day and has sought to establish the implications on society when police officers use the means employed by Detective Alonzo in dispensing their duties. Plot The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is committed to cleaning the city streets

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