Examining psychological drives in tourism behaviou

Examining psychological drives in tourism behaviour

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Examining psychological drives in tourism behaviour

Introduction ( 500 words)

Focus of the Research Study (what are we going to look at?)

Support with previous research done (as a brief background)

Why are looking at intimations between psychological drives and tourism behavior and how it might be important within travelers and destinations? Support with the main concepts and theories which will be later on described (to give the reader a taste of what they will be looking at)

  • I just need these for the introduction I will do the rest parts for the introduction just focus on these points.

Conclusion (500 words)

Summary of research findings.

Relationship to background literature ( link back to literature and objectives)

Contribution to knowledge ( what has been found that might be of stongest interest?. Perhaps the concept of fear and necessity of feeling safe as the main attitude that might shape travelers’ behavior supported by the risk perception theory and followed by the findings withdrawn from post 9/11 ( Hawaiis tourism, air travel and increase security in airports).

Revisit how the objectives have been met.

  • When withdrawing conclusions it would be enriching to differentiate from factual and conceptual conclusions (actual facts and numbers and the intimations or positive relationship with those as a conceptual conclusion).

Recommendations (500 words)

It could be differentiated between academic and practical.

-Implications of Study ( what other next steps could be applied to the research?)

- What else could be researched that it hasn’t been done to give a rounder and a complete research?

- What are the things to consider within this research?

* A table could be used at the end of this chapter to englobe and summarize the academic and practical recommendations. Be specific, clear and original when looking at the recommendations.

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