Learning Reflection Record

Learning Reflection Record

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Learning Reflection Record Instructions

Learning Reflection Record

Look at the excel spreadsheet - Learning Reflection Record. It shows you:

  • The Unit Title (Column 1)
  • Your learning objective (Column 2)
  • The assessment criteria (Column 3). These are linked to the evidence you will have produced to show that you completed each unit and achieved each learning objective

Then it asks you to state:

  • Your prior knowledge on this topic (Column 4). Here you should say where you were before you started your studies. You may have known nothing about a topic before you started your studies - or you may have had a working knowledge of it but still some gaps that needed to be filled!

CIPD Certificate/Diploma in Learning and Development

  • What you gained from the learning activities (Column 5). In this column you are looking at what went well in this part of your studies. Focus here on how you think your learning has supported your personal development as well as your knowledge. Has it made you more confident? Did it enable you to assess others` performance more accurately? Did it enliven your interest about a particular aspect of L&D?
  • What needs improvement (Column 6). In this column you are looking at what didn`t go so well in your studies. Focus on specifics - `I didn`t like this part of the course` isn`t an adequate answer! Maybe there were some activities that you struggled to complete or some concepts that you still feel unsure about. Make a note of these. Remember that it is not obligatory to find fault with what you have done! This reflection record is merely encouraging you to be honest and recognising that not all elements of the course will have been straightforward or easy. If you don`t feel an aspect needed improvement then say so.
  • What can I do next to achieve this assessment criteria (Column 7). In this column, set out what you intend to do to address any shortfalls in your learning. For example, you may plan to go over some sections of your work again, or to find out more information from your line manager, or to do some further reading.
  • The date by which I will do this (column 8). Be realistic about the amount of time you need.
  • Has your CPD Plan been updated?(column 9). Don`t forget to go back and update your CPD Plan based on what you have identified in this unit.

Complete this form for this unit. These forms will be reviewed as part of your activity for this unit.


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