Does your organization operate in a superior or po

Does your organization operate in a superior or poorly designed supply chain?

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Logistics SLP Mod 2/3

Assigment: This is a very simple assignment. I want you to look at the supply chain design of the organization you are examining and answer the following questions. Does your organization operate in a superior or poorly designed supply chain? Is the organization`s supply chain maximizing its efficiency? Assignment Expectations: Discuss at least one specific area that you feel the firm`s supply chain performance could be improved. Explain your reasoning. Use information from references about your company. Be sure to provide the references you use. The paper should be 2-3 pages. Assignment: Take a look at your organization and the way it has made location decisions in its supply chain. Then answer the following question. Has your organization maximized its supply chain efficiency by making optimal location decisions? Assignment Expectations: Make sure your claim is clear, either the efficiency is maximized or its not. Explain your case using specific examples and showing that the decisions are optimal or non-optimal. Submit your assignment to CourseNet for grading by the end of this module. Use the same format as your other module SLP papers. The paper should be 2-3 pages.
Supply Chain Management: According to researches, Wal-Mart is lauded to have a well established communications system operating in the retailing industry. It has a state-of-the art SCM method that applies advanced communication technology that connects through its retail centers, distribution stores, headquarters and all suppliers of their goods and services. The organization applied the use of IT to enable it to use bar codes for inventory tracking. This also facilitated Electronic Data Interchange that made it to have direct links with its stores. Besides it actualized the installation of satellite contact systems to synchronize all the activities of its supply chain  HYPERLINK "" o "Wal-Mart`s Supply Chain Management Practices (B): Using IT/Internet to Manage the Supply Chain - Operations Case Study - Page4" A supply chain is defined as a structural linkage of market players in a given industry. It helps to ensure the process of production, sale and delivery of goods to the end user is successful. This process involves a chain of retailers, distributors, suppliers, transporters and warehouse. There are three components that Walmart has designed in order to improve its services in the market. These components are efficient manufacturing, supply chain and distribution. Supply chain ensures that raw materials reach the manufacturer, who ...
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