Critical response: Dillenberger

Critical response: Dillenberger

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Critical response: Dillenberger


Write a three hundred word critical response with the reading and material covered in class (the readings and class discussion notes are attached, for the reading, you can choose any 1 of the 2 to write about, or you can write about all of them, it really depends on what idea you get from the class notes, and don`t forget to use the proper form for citations and references where required). 

This is not an essay but an “engagement,” a thoughtful consideration of the ideas positioned in class and in the texts. If possible, try to include at least three quotations from the reading (do not cite the words or quotations in the class notes, it only helps you understand what we talk about in class, and help you get to the right track). Use the proper form for citations and references where required.

please read the class discussion notes and really get a sense of what we focus on, and correspond the idea with the reading. Our professor really cares about whether or not we do the reading and attend class, so please show it in the critical response, thank you so much!!

The week topic: Warhol: Pop Priest


Dillenberger, Jane D. “Leonardo’s Last Supper Transformed” in The Religious Art of Andy Warhol.” A&C Black, 2001, pp. 79-100. 

Shanes, Eric. “ Pop; Mass Culture” in Pop Art. Parkstone International, 2012, pp 9-70.


Name Course Professor Date Critical response: Dillenberger, J.D. Leonardo. Last supper transformed –in the religious art of Andy Warhol Dillenberger (1998) acknowledges that that popular art and mass culture has undergone tremendous change in the recent past. These changes have been propelled by the changes in technologies associated with art. Developments in mass media have revolutionized how artists create their products. Today consumers dictate how an artist will create his work. In addition, most of the artists are driven by the pop

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