Crime in America Table and Essay: Violent Crimes

Crime in America Table and Essay: Violent Crimes Economic Crimes

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Crime in America Table and Essay: Violent Crimes Economic Crimes


Create a table that lists a variety of crime types. Your table should include a minimum of four types of crimes (four rows), two violent crimes, and two economic crimes.
For each type of crime you list include the following in separate columns:
An explanation for the cause of the crime.
The sociological theory that best fits what you have explained as the cause of that type of crime.
In addition, separate from your table, write a paper of 250 words, proposing possible social solutions for each type of crime.
The table should show the type of crime, its cause, and the appropriate sociological theory to explain that type of crime.
The paper (synopsis) is the final step and proposes social solutions for each type of crime. If, for example, one type of crime is property crime, in which someone’s property is taken or destroyed, you might think that the root cause is poverty and that social process theory explains this cause. In your proposal, you might describe an anti-poverty program that would minimize poverty in this country and thus reduce this type of crime.
Use the textbook, assigned readings, the GCU Library, and any other reputable outside sources to complete the assignment. The Statistical Abstract of the U.S. Census Bureau will be very helpful. This source can be found at the U.S. Census Bureau’s website.


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Crime in America Table and Essay Violent crimes Economic crimes Violent crimes are the type of crime where there is intentional harm. Importantly, an offender usually uses force on the victim. Examples of such violent crimes include manslaughter, arson and terrorism. A point to note, the violent crimes such as manslaughter is usually associated to drug abusers while the many cases of arson develop as a result of parental neglect (Doran, Bruce & Melissa 165).The economic crimes on the other hand are acts committed against an individual or organization by

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