Petitioning to Withdraw a Course from Academic Tra

Petitioning to Withdraw a Course from Academic Transcript

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Petitioning to Withdraw a Course from Academic Transcript


I want you to provide me a outline on April 8th to just double check everything. 
This is not an essay or any coursework, this is a legitimate letter that needs to be written very professionally to petition office of my university. I want you to write a 2-page concise letter on the reason why Im late filing the petition after 3 years and the reason why they should grant me opportunity to have the specific course taken out of my transcript. 
I have missed my universities deadline on filing petition and dropping the course as it was on 2013. But the university gave me a chance to write this letter so they may consider. Just a side note, please check out Petition Instruction by me.docx and 2013_petition form.pdf. Both are important files to look over. 
I will also provide you with a letter that i got from a psychologist which might be effective to use as for `reasons` to have this petitioned. 
Also if you can fill out the supplemental_petition_documentation.pdf, leave the email, phone and number blank, as I will provide them my self.
But First, I want you to write a letter 2-page that is very compelling for the petition office to take out that terrible mark off my transcript.
BUt in the reasons make sure its something that would correlate with the psychologist note or any other reasons.
For further detail instructions, 
open petition_instruction.docx
As well as 2013_petition_form.PDF
Check out Transcript-ast27.PDF
And fill out supplemental_petition_documentation.PDF (if u can) or you can completly opt this out and stick to non-medical_guidelines.PDF
I uploaded all required files, it just takes you to get your head around and find out what needs to be done. Im not sure what to write, thats why i want you to complete it for me
Please provide me with a draft in next 3-4 days.


Petition Request Name: Institution: Course: Date: 876 Broadway Ave #1 Saskatoon SK S6N 7B9 Canada University of Toronto Petition Office27 King`s College CircleToronto, Ontario M5S 1A1 Canada Dear Sir, REF: REQUESTING FOR COURSE DROP I writing this letter as a kind request to have one of my units dropped from my transcript. According to the university policies on examination, it is possible for the students to be exempted from writing a

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